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I invited a friend, but haven't got my free content.
I invited a friend, but haven't got my free content.

What to do when your invite referral hasn't worked.

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In order for our system to log the referral, your friend needs to install Sleepiest via the invite link from the invite popup and they must open Sleepiest. This is necessary in order for our system to log the referral.

You may also need to force-restart Sleepiest on your device after your friend has installed and opened Sleepiest in order to for your Sleepiest to sync up the referral.

In rare cases our attribution system may not pick up on a referral, this can happen when your friend moves between a different wi-fi network or mobile phone signal tower between clicking on your unique referral link, and opening Sleepiest for the first time.

It can also occur if your friend has advertiser privacy settings switched to “off”, preventing us logging the referral. In these instances you may need to ask your friend to log the referral manually by entering your unique referral code in their Sleepiest settings.

Your unique referral code can be found on the invite friends prompt, they simply need to go to Sleepiest settings and enter it in order to attribute the referral as having come from you.

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