We deeply care about helping the maximum number of people sleep better each night; so why don't we offer more content for free?

Well, each unique piece of Sleepiest content is a massive labour of love, involving a multi-disciplined expert team; from the writers who write or adapt the initial script, to the fabulous voice actors who narrate the content, to the audio engineers who master the tracks and add the sleep-inducing background audio.

We also have our development team who are constantly updating and improving the app; adding and improving upon the available features within Sleepiest.

We require a revenue stream to allow us to continue frequently producing this content, and improving the app which is why Sleepiest+ exists. Thats not to say our free users don't mean as much to us, every single person in the Sleepiest community means the world, and without you, non of this would be possible. 

We've tried to priced Sleepiest+ to be highly competitive and as fair as possible, offering the best value for money, while still allowing us the revenue to ensure we can produce the high-quality content for Sleepiest that our users have come to know and love.

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