Sleepiest's podcast shows can be played in the Sleepiest mobile app, or on our website. But if you prefer to use a different player you'll need to import your personalised RSS feed link for each podcast show into the player of your choice.

This guide details how to add a private RSS feed to Apple Podcasts.

Please note: It's very important that you do not share your private RSS feed link with anyone else. It contains account tokens that are unique to you, and doing do will put your Sleepiest account at risk.

1) To begin, copy your unique RSS feed link from the sleepiest app or website.

2) Next, open up Apple podcasts on your phone and navigate to the 'Library" tab.

3) Press the "..." button in the top right, and select "Follow a Show by URL..."

4) Finally, paste in your private RSS feed link and press "Follow"!

That's it - you can now enjoy your favourite Sleepiest podcasts directly within Apple podcasts!

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